Met Gala – Would you wear sth. like this?

Crazy outfits – lot of press – hundreds of celebrities – the party of the year Who is hiding under this …eeer dress? Is it a dress? I don´t know! The annual Met Gala – officially called Costume Institute Gala - is a celebration of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Taking place... weiterlesen →


10 things you didn’t know about Graffiti

Graffiti is very polarising, either you like it or you don’t! People have various opinions about what is aesthetic and what is not – especially if it is sprayed on public buildings or walls. Most people like graffiti if they can interpret something into it, unlike the scribbles that can be found on almost every... weiterlesen →

Dada movement: is it art or anti-art?

What is the Dada movement? In which context was it born? Why was it so revolutionary? You may find the answers to these questions if you keep on reading this post, and afterwards, we would be happy to read your opinions about this art movement on the comments below the article. First of all, let's take a look at... weiterlesen →

Street art

Most of us, if we want to enjoy art, we go to a museum, buy tickets and spend hours visiting the museum's aisles, seeing works of famous artists and others which are not so famous. The guide explains their history, the drawing, the way in which it has been painted and what it represents. This... weiterlesen →

Can video games be called art?

As I came closer to the meteor, the grass slowly began to disappear while the ground turned dry and dark. Not far away where a meteor is supposed to lie, big Crystals sprawl from the ground high into the sky. Suddenly the earth begins to cleave and a giant colossus arises from the fissure infront... weiterlesen →

Art as a marketing strategy

In the first blog post, we were talking about  art being printed on a lot of kinds of products. Apart from that, a lot of famous companies have also gotten inspired by  artistic designs in order to make their advertisement  campaigns ( such as street marketing, Tv spots or banners). In this Blog post we... weiterlesen →

Old art in the present time

Some art is transient, some is timeless. There are so many different kinds of art, visual art, music, literature or performing arts. People identify themselves through various expressions of art. In this blogpost I will focus on old visual art in the present time. The special thing is, that there are so many paintings, that... weiterlesen →

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