Why we should consider photography as an art

Technologies have changed our way of living, the way people express themselves, how people consume , and one of the most relevant, how people establish relations with others. Nowadays there are more and more users on Instagram, Facebook, twitter who share day by day what they do, what they like, theirs memories and how they feel. We post our entire life in this social media.

Instagram by setting an example, bases their relationships of friendship through photography. Users upload photos to the app about their lives, friends, family, moments, trips or experiences that make them feel different and try to immortalize those moments in the network. Do you think that photography is a way of expressing ourselves?

Artists paint pictures and tell us a story or a moment, and they could reflect their emotions in the colors they use, or in the shape of the figures that they paint. Something very similar happens with photography. Photographers in many snapshots reveal the story of the people posing for the photo. How can you teach us the story of a person with just one photo? I will give you some example to think about it.



Illustration 1- Instant winner of the first prize in the Contemporary Themes category captured by Reuter’s photographer Jonathan Bachman. The image shows the young activist Leshia Evans at the moment she offers her hands to be arrested by the riot police during a protest against police violence in front of the Baton Rouge police department in Louisiana, On July 9, 2016.

 We all photograph pictures of a place or people who express some kind of emotion. It is true that not everyone is a professional photographer, but right now at Instagram we can find thousands of people who, without being photographers, invade their profile with snapshots of landscapes or places that are worth admiring. Art is all activity with an aesthetic or communicative end and photography shares these two characteristics.

An Instagram account very famous for his photographs is „georgetheexplorer“ A British photographer who focuses his Instagram album on great landscapes of the world (https://www.instagram.com/georgetheexplorer/).  Here is an example of his photograph

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-02 at 17.22.56


Companies like Apple know that photography is an everyday art, and that’s why one of their most eye-catching ads was based on photos of users. Both ads capture the essence of the moment and try to express  emotion or to take us to  different places .to  Here you can enjoy the advertisement of Apple.

Photography is present in any moments of our life, in the most important as in the saddest. Photographers express stories of people through photos and connect these stories with the audience. If this is not art, then what is it?


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