The artistic inspiration


Which is the source of the art creation? So far we have been talking about different kinds of art, and the origin of all of them, as you surely know, is the „art inspiration“.

Throughout history artists have achieved their inspiration when influenced by  new cultures, new lifestyles, and by every kind of transformation that human civilization have experienced.

Which is the best way of getting inspired? Generally, inspiration moments are associated with ultra-relaxed moments,  and with isolation, when you feel that „the world doesn’t exist“. However, each person can have its own ritual, for example listening to music, perfuming the environment, or even travelling to specific places. All these rituals let you get the inexplicable artistic inspiration.

In the  last few decades a new form of inspiration has emerged, and has been so important to create a new recognized art movement. We are talking about the „psychedelic art“: basically, taking drugs as a way to get inspired. The types of art that have been influenced the most by this art movement are music and plastic art.

Many famous artists admitted that they were under the influence of drugs while they were creating  artworks or during a performance. We could mention some music stars, but we have to keep in mind the difference between those who take drugs in order to get inspired and those who take them because they are addicted. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid polemics. Despite these cases, some artists who really make psychedelic art, recognizing that drugs were helpful for their inspiration, are the writers Aldous Huxley, Robert Lowell, and, among others, the leader of Pink Floyd. They justify themselves saying that it is easier to imagine things that in a normal situation  they can’t, due to relaxing state of mind, hallucinations, and other inexplicable feelings.

Recently it was reported a case of an artist that got viral, creating a large variety of reactions. This artist is Brian Pollet , who decided to take 20 different kinds of drugs, during 20 days, in order to create 20 different pictures showing his feelings on drugs . Here we include a small sample of the results.

In conclusion, we are convinced that most of you have an original way of getting inspired. Share them with us in the comments!!


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